malevolence breeds

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I feel wacky

earlier today I was scratching my dog in the place that he likes and he started panting and moaning so I had to stop. we both looked very embarrassed after that encounter and we awkwardly shuffled away. I haven't been able to look him in the eye since.

some things arent meant to be shared

I’m listening to Teen Suicide and pretending I don’t have 6+ hours of homework

Sooo you're bi? I thought you were lesbian but that last post says otherwise?


I thought I was gay because for a while I was very uncomfortable around men and found all of them repulsive but currently I’ve just been sleeping with everyone who I find to be a beautiful person and falling in love with everybody of every gender in different ways and I no longer want to label myself as anything because my sexuality is so important to me and I don’t want to keep it from developing!!!! I’ve been having orgasms from being in nature and looking at the trees and the sky, or listening to/reading beautiful poetry!!! I’m just letting it flow and not thinking about it


Stefania Ivanescu by Viktor Vauthier

Pulp Fiction!


Alexander Rogozhkin

I don’t want a boyfriend or girlfriend I just want a person to visit me every other day and make me cum

Don't Wanna Be Your Girl


I don't wanna be your girl no more
I just wanna see your face at home

I could be in yo life if you want bby


cum be in it